homeward is a one-of-a-kind homebuying program that quite literally opens the door to the home of your dreams. From selecting your new home to financing it, homeward walks with you, step by step, through the homebuying process. Our beautiful and affordable single-family homes come in a variety of models and floor plans that provide quality, energy efficiency, and most importantly, meet the lifestyle needs of your family.

Benefits of Homeownership

Being a homeowner offers a variety of advantages to you and your family. From tax benefits to the comfort and peace of mind of having a place to truly call your own, owning your own home means you’re making an investment in your family’s future.

Stable Housing Costs

If you have a fixed-rate loan, your principal and interest payments will never go up, although the amount you pay for taxes and insurance may increase each year.

Control over your Environment

Having a home of your own gives you the freedom to live as you wish. You can have pets and make changes to your home to suit your needs.


Your mortgage payments are like investments. Over time, you accumulate equity, which represents your ownership interest in the property. You may be able to borrow or convert your equity into cash by selling the home.


Homeownership can provide a stable environment for you and your family that adds to the security and comfort of your day-to-day life.

Tax Benefits

You may pay less income tax because all home loan interest and property taxes you pay each year are deductible from your taxable income.

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